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Rémy Martin | VSOP 300 Anniversary Cognac

Rémy Martin | VSOP 300 Anniversary Cognac

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Age of the cognac : VSOP

Controlled Designation of Origin : Fine Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 40%

Eye : Rich amber hue.

Nose : Floral notes, ripe fruits, vanilla, licorice, toasted oak.

Palate : Stone fruits, candied fruits, honey.

The Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac is a well-crafted and multi-layered cognac known for its balance and complexity. This VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) cognac is noted for its harmonious blend of powerful and elegant aromas, symbolizing the Cellar Master's expertise in blending. It is made from wine spirits or eau-de-vie de cognac, water, and a colorant, without any allergens.

One of the standout features of the Rémy Martin VSOP is its appearance, characterized by a warm and mysterious ochre color in the bottle, which turns into a vibrant gold in the glass. The nose of the cognac offers an aromatic blend with dominant notes of vanilla, dried apricot, and candied pear. In terms of taste, it provides a balance of aromatic dried fruits and delicate licorice, offering a complex flavor experience. The cognac has a structured and layered body, which is reflected in a rounded harmony of dried fruits, a satisfying mouthfeel, and a silky texture.

Rémy Martin VSOP is versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways: neat, on the rocks, frozen, or as a component in cocktails. For instance, one can try it in a Rémy Ginger cocktail. The cognac's perfect association with ginger is also enjoyable in a Rémy Frozen, paired with candied ginger. It is recommended to use a tumbler glass to enjoy Rémy Martin VSOP neat or on the rocks.

The cognac has received accolades such as Gold at the Bartender’s Brand Awards 2023 and Gold at The Cognac Masters 2023, underscoring its quality and appeal.

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