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Michel Forgeron | Barrique 90 Cognac

Michel Forgeron | Barrique 90 Cognac

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Age of the cognac : Vintage

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 500ml

Alcohol percentage : 47%

Eye : ambrée dorée

Nose : abricot confit, d'orange candie, et de panettone

Palate : très gourmand et facile à déguster

The Michel Forgeron Barrique 90 Cognac is a premium vintage cognac from the Grande Champagne region, known for producing some of the finest eaux-de-vie. This particular edition, distilled in 1990, is presented as a brut de fût, meaning it's bottled directly from the cask without dilution or blending, retaining its natural strength and purest flavors. The cognac is aged for nearly 30 years in French oak barrels, which imbues it with a unique character and depth of flavor.

In terms of tasting notes, the Barrique 90 possesses a very light amber color. Its aroma is rich and inviting, characterized by the delightful scents of apricot jam, candied orange, and sweet panettone. On the palate, it provides an indulgent and opulent experience, characterized by a smooth texture and a lengthy finish, a testament to its aged quality. The alcohol content is maintained at 47%, which strikes a fine balance between preserving the intensity of flavor and ensuring a smooth drinking experience.

The Michel Forgeron Barrique 90 Cognac is versatile in its serving options. It can be enjoyed in a tulip or balloon glass, slightly warmed in the palm of the hand to enhance its aromas. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or as a long drink, mixed with plain or citrus Schweppes.

This cognac represents not only the rich heritage and expertise of the Forgeron family but also their commitment to sustainable viticulture. Their vineyard stretches across 24 hectares in the Grande Champagne region, cultivating primarily Ugni-Blanc grapes. The family's roots in the region date back to 1909, and they have continued to produce exceptional cognacs since the first bottle was introduced in 1977.

Overall, the Michel Forgeron Barrique 90 Cognac stands out as a fine example of the quality and tradition of the Grande Champagne region, perfect for those who appreciate vintage cognacs with rich, well-developed flavors.

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