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Meukow | 1862 Esprit de famille Cognac

Meukow | 1862 Esprit de famille Cognac

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Age of the cognac : Réserve

Controlled Designation of Origin : Blend

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 40%

Eye : Amber hue.

Nose : Rich and complex flavors, dried fruits, vanilla, leather, oak.

Palate : Dried fruits, vanilla, leather, oak.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled tasting experience with Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille Cognac, a gem from the house of Meukow. Created for those who appreciate true refinement and elegance, this cognac is a celebration of history, tradition, and craftsmanship.

Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille Cognac is a careful blend of the finest eaux-de-vie, chosen for their deep maturity and superior quality. It reveals rich and complex flavors, with notes of dried fruits, vanilla, leather, and oak, combining to create a smooth and persistent finish.

The amber hue of Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille Cognac is a harbinger of the delights that await the senses, adding another dimension to the tasting experience.

The bottle design, with its iconic panther, highlights the bold and distinctive character of this cognac while evoking the history and heritage of the Meukow house. A precious addition to any spirits collection.

Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille Cognac is more than a cognac; it is a journey through time and the terroir of Cognac. Each sip is an invitation to savor the harmony of flavors, to discover the richness of Meukow's heritage, and to appreciate the care and expertise that have contributed to the creation of this remarkable cognac. Taste Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille Cognac and discover the true spirit of cognac excellence.

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