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Lheraud | XO Charles VII Cognac

Lheraud | XO Charles VII Cognac

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Age of the cognac : XO

Controlled Designation of Origin : Blend

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 44%

Eye : Deep amber gold that promises an enthralling tasting experience.

Nose : Ample and opulent, the nose offers an intricate bouquet of vanilla, roasted notes, and a wisp of nuttiness, particularly hazelnut.

Palate : In the mouth, the Cognac displays a magnificent balance and depth. Subtle touches of vanilla and roasted flavors meld seamlessly with hints of blackcurrant, creating an extraordinary complexity.

Introducing Lheraud XO Charles VII Cognac. A consummate masterpiece of spirit-making that represents a voyage for the senses beyond conventional realms. Crafted with unmatched precision and nurtured by decades of fervor, this Cognac is distilled twice from estate-grown white wines and matured for an astonishing forty years in the oak barrels inhabiting our historical cellars.

The true allure of this Cognac lies in its uncompromising dedication to purity and authenticity. Eschewing the blending of eaux-de-vie from different ages, and devoid of sugar or caramel, it’s a crystal-clear reflection of the Petite Champagne terroir and a sincere tribute to the Ugni Blanc grape.

Visually, it captivates with its radiant deep amber gold robe, heralding the veritable feast of flavors and scents that lie within. A sip unveils a myriad of aromas, chiefly among them being the tantalizing essence of blackcurrant. Boasting a robust 44% alcohol content, the Lheraud XO Charles VII Cognac provides an extraordinary depth and complexity—making it a cherished experience to be savored during the most meaningful moments of life.

Elevate your spirit and enrich your soul with this transcendental Cognac—a timeless work of art that attests to the mastery and tradition of Cognac craftsmanship.

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