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Delamain | Pléiade Témoignage de M.DAUGE

Delamain | Pléiade Témoignage de M.DAUGE

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Age of the cognac : XO

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 46%

Eye : The appearance displays a deep amber color with golden highlights, symbolizing its maturity and lengthy oak barrel aging, adding a visual nuance to its refined profile.

Nose : Notes of ripe fig, pear, and a slight buttery aroma evoke the flavors of a raisin bread, complemented by a subtle spicy complexity.

Palate : The palate is enveloped in luxurious leather notes with a hint of nutmeg, revealing a rich complexity that lingers.

Discover a rare gem in the world of cognac with the limited edition Témoignage M. Dauge Collection Pléiade Delamain. Immerse yourself in an exclusive experience steeped in heritage and meticulous craftsmanship — for when we say "limited edition," we truly mean it.

This singular cognac is the life's work of Mr. Dauge, the 85-year-old mastermind behind a 10-hectare vineyard in Bourg-Charente, nestled in the illustrious region of Grande Champagne — the first and finest cru of Cognac. Here, the left bank of the Charente River shapes the character of his sublime creation.

Our story begins in 1969 when Mr. Dauge, using a historic 6 hl still that had lain dormant since 1914, distilled this exceptional cognac. The still was lovingly restored and used for this special distillation one last time before being replaced by a larger model.

The Témoignage M. Dauge then gracefully matured in Mr. Dauge's cellar. Here, under the influence of the river, high humidity worked its magic. The result is a naturally reduced, well-rounded cognac full of subtlety, delicacy, and fruity notes while maintaining an undeniable lightness. The aging journey of this cognac began in a 600-liter sequoia barrel, allowing for a gentle initiation into maturity without the excessive influence of tannins. It then continued its maturation in a 400-liter barrel before settling into 30-liter dame-Jeanne casks in Jarnac, thus locking in its unique aromatic profile.

This tale of time and passion reached its zenith when Dominique Touteau, Master Cellarman at Delamain, fell in love with this elegant and nuanced creation. Today, this extraordinary story is ready to become a part of your own cognac collection.

Don't miss the chance to add this sublime testament to the art of cognac-making to your collection. It is more than just a bottle of cognac; it is a narrative, a chronicle of a historic still's last chance, and a love letter to the region of Grande Champagne. Experience the limited edition Témoignage M. Dauge Collection Pléiade Delamain today, for true connoisseurs know that in the world of cognac, patience is more than a virtue—it's a flavor.

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