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Delamain | Pléiade Malaville / La Rambaudie

Delamain | Pléiade Malaville / La Rambaudie

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Age of the cognac : Hors d'Age

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 45%

Eye : Glistening amber.

Nose : Notes of vanilla layered over a fruit salad of ripe cherry, muscat grape, quince, and fig, enhanced by warm spices and supple leather for exceptional maturity.

Palate : Freshly ground pepper and a hint of oak signal the age of this Cognac, leading to a complex finish of sweet fruits and rancio.

Sourced from the vines of Bellevigne in the village of Malaville, at the heart of Grande Champagne, this is an exceptional example of Premier Cru Cognac. The 20 hectares of Bellevigne are directly managed by Delamain, and every aspect of the cultivation and distillation process is internally controlled. The Delamain Malaville Cask No. 709-01 Révélation Collection Cognac was crafted in a particularly small copper still, allowing for much slower flow of the distillate. This approach has resulted in a fabulously flavorful eau-de-vie, rich in grape and fruit notes, underscored by spices and an unmistakable touch of rancio.

After distillation, this Cognac has been aged in a 350-liter oak barrel made from French oak from the Tronçais forest. The seasoned old oak allows for a gentler interaction between the alcohol and the wood, thus showcasing the terroir's character. The cask used for this release was stored in one of Delamain's smallest cellars, once part of the Prieuré house. This space offers the perfect conditions for maturing Cognac: two narrow church windows face south, allowing thin rays of sunlight to filter through during long summers. Meanwhile, the thick limestone walls offer shelter during the winter, ensuring stable levels of humidity and temperature.

Delamain’s unmatched passion for creating vintage cognacs has been passed down from generation to generation since 1759, when James Delamain left Ireland to settle in Jarnac as a cognac merchant. His grandson Henri founded Maison Delamain in 1824. Today, the 9th generation of the Delamain family still manages the business—with a total of fifteen employees. Known for their adherence to extremely ancient production methods, they are also the only Cognac producer to market exclusively aged XO or older Cognacs. While proud of their AOC Grande Champagne, Maison Delamain prefers not to be tied to any specific grower or purchase contract, instead individually selecting the best wines available each year.

The bottle's design for this release is elegant, featuring a slightly curved profile, a deep bottom, a golden Delamain logo, and a slender neck covered in deep blue foil. The label provides detailed information about the bottle, including an individual bottle number. A stunning deep blue presentation box, adorned with golden letters, completes the set.

Crafted with extraordinary care, this aged Cognac deserves your full attention. Serve it neat in tulip glasses at room temperature, letting it rest for 30 seconds before taking the first sip. It is perfect as a digestif or to accompany rich desserts.

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