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Delamain | Pléiade Ancestral

Delamain | Pléiade Ancestral

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Age of the cognac : Ancestral

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 43.5%

Eye : Antique solid gold in appearance.

Nose : Soft leather notes are perfectly complemented by warm winter spices.

Palate : Complex, intense, and elegant, featuring aromas of cedar wood, walnut, and orange zest.

Showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship and patience, the Apogée Delamain Ancestral Collection Cognac is another dazzling expression from this famed producer. Like all releases from Maison Delamain, it is a Cognac of exceptional age, crafted solely from eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region. This rare, unblended Cognac comes from a single cask, epitomizing what a quality eau-de-vie can become when aged through multiple generations of stewardship. To preserve its full flavor, it has been bottled at 43.5% ABV without any blending or dilution.

Matured in a 350-liter French oak cask from the Tronçais forest, this Cognac has only been slightly influenced by tannins, thus preserving all the complexity and rich fruit notes of the wine used for its making. The cask has spent its life in the Grand Chai, also known as the Founder's Cellar, situated in front of a south-facing window where fine summer sun rays and cool breezes from the Charente River have graced it for decades. The result is a Cognac of sublime complexity and balance.

Recognized worldwide for its excellence, the family-owned Maison Delamain is rare in that it only produces well-aged expressions rather than the VS and VSOP bottlings favored by other producers. This unparalleled passion for creating vintage Cognacs has been passed down from generation to generation since 1759, the year James Delamain left Ireland to settle in Jarnac as a Cognac merchant. His grandson Henri founded Maison Delamain in 1824. Today, the 9th generation of the Delamain family still runs the business—with a total of fifteen employees. Known for their respect of extremely old production methods, they are also the only Cognac producer who markets exclusively aged XO or older Cognac. While proud of its AOC Grande Champagne, Maison Delamain prefers not to be tied down to any specific vineyard or purchasing contract, instead individually selecting the best wines available each year.

Each drop of Delamain Cognac epitomizes the pinnacle of quality and taste, proving time and again that hard work truly bears fruit.

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