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Delamain | Pléiade 40 ans / Millesime 1983

Delamain | Pléiade 40 ans / Millesime 1983

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Age of the cognac : Vintage

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 44.5%

Eye : Radiant deep amber with hints of mahogany, reflecting its four decades of careful aging, and capturing the essence of time itself in its rich color.

Nose : Intensely aromatic, this 40-year-old Cognac unveils fruity notes of apricot and nuts, intermingled with delicate white flowers.

Palate : The intensity carries through, accentuated by notes of bitter orange zest, softened by jam-like undertones of quince, lychee, and fig.

This 40-year-old Cognac hails from a single estate distiller located in Verrières, in the heart of Grande Champagne, the premier and most esteemed cru of Cognac. The hilly landscape of this commune is characteristic of its terroir—a terroir renowned for its finesse and elegance, where the most exquisite aged eaux-de-vie are produced.

Harvested in the challenging year of 1983, this eau-de-vie faced strenuous weather conditions. After enduring a cold and rainy winter and spring, the Cognac vineyards experienced a scorching summer, punctuated by a memorable storm in July 1983. Despite these difficult circumstances, Maison Delamain is proud to present this rare vintage.

Unfiltered and without the addition of sugar or coloring, it captures the purest essence of this exceptional year. This Cognac has aged to full maturity in a 350-liter "roux" Limousin oak cask. "Roux" signifies that the cask's interior has acquired the reddish hue of ancient barrels, which are uniquely capable of preserving the typicity and original elegance of Grande Champagne Cognacs. This eau-de-vie began its aging in a sealed cask, housed in cellar No. 5 in Jarnac. This small, south-facing cellar is rather dry, allowing the Cognac’s aromas to concentrate exquisitely.

In 2010, Dominique Touteau, our Master Cellarman, decided to move this 1983 cask to a vintage cellar where the hydrometric balance allows the eaux-de-vie to express themselves in all their finesse. This cellar is emblematic of Maison Delamain, complete with its double-locked forged grill. This secure system ensures the authenticity of the vintage, as the cellar can only be accessed in the presence of the Master Cellarman and a representative from the controlling body (the BNIC).

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