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Delamain | Pale & Dry XO 300cl

Delamain | Pale & Dry XO 300cl

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Age of the cognac : XO

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 300cl

Alcohol percentage : 42%

Eye : Light and clear amber with golden specks.

Nose : Spiced orange tea, freshly cut apples, and cherries make a subtle entrance.

Palate : Delicate floral aromas meet notes of vanilla, well-integrated wood, a balanced play of fruit and acidity, and a hint of licorice; displays remarkable finesse for its age and culminates in a lengthy finish.

While it may be the youngest in Delamain's range, the Delamain Pale and Dry XO has undergone a quarter-century of aging to emerge as a remarkably refined and elegant Cognac. Crafted from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes, it originates from the prestigious terroir of the Grande Champagne, also known as Premier Cru.

The Pale & Dry XO is renowned for its lighter color, an attribute that belies its years and speaks to the natural maturation process that occurs within extremely old barrels. The term "dry" is somewhat of a paradox, as it actually signifies the inherent sweetness of the liquid within.

The resulting Cognac is undeniably round, intense, and velvety. It boasts an impressive depth of character, pairing finesse with surprising fruitiness. For those who savor a rich Cognac with a pronounced rancio, this bottle will not disappoint. As a pure Grande Champagne blend, it’s poised to stand out in even the most distinguished gatherings.

Maturing under optimal conditions in aged barrels, the distillation process progresses slowly, and the eaux-de-vie of the same age are blended later. Each contributing factor holds equal weight: 25% to the distillate, 25% to the barrel, 25% to the cellars, and 25% to time. It’s a finely-balanced blend that has benefitted from many years of aging.

Enjoying this Cognac calls for no less than a moment of undivided attention. Best consumed at room temperature, it serves as an exceptional digestif or a companion to a fine cigar.

The bottle itself is a tribute to Delamain's craftsmanship, adorned with a beautiful illustration on its label. Further detailing includes an engraved seal on the neck, and the bottle is presented in an equally intricate case.

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