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ABK6 | XO Renaissance Cognac

ABK6 | XO Renaissance Cognac

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Age of the cognac : XO

Controlled Designation of Origin : Blend

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 40%

Eye : Deep amber color.

Nose : Dried fruits, vanilla, chocolate, toasted oak, and sweet spices.

Palate : Figs, nuts, honey, hints of cinnamon, and a touch of leather.

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication with ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac, a true masterpiece from Maison Abécassis. This exceptional blend, aged for a minimum of ten years, represents a celebration of the renaissance and evolution of the art of Cognac.

ABK6 XO Renaissance is a unique blend of the most precious eaux-de-vie, meticulously selected for their distinctive character and richness. The result is an incredibly refined Cognac that perfectly balances the richness of its heritage with a modern and innovative approach.

With its deep amber color, this Cognac is a feast for the eyes. On the nose, it offers an enchanting complexity, revealing aromas of dried fruits, vanilla, and chocolate, enhanced by subtle notes of toasted oak and sweet spices.

On the palate, ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac delivers an unforgettable tasting experience. Rich and complex flavors of figs, nuts, and honey delicately intertwine, punctuated by hints of cinnamon and a touch of leather. The finish is exceptionally long, leaving behind a sensation of warmth and lingering sweetness.

Whether enjoyed in the quiet of a solitary evening or shared during a celebration, ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac is more than a spirit, it is an ode to the evolution of the art of Cognac. It symbolizes Maison Abécassis' dedication to excellence and innovation, an experience to be savored with all your senses.

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