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ABK6 | VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac

ABK6 | VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac

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Age of the cognac : VSOP

Controlled Designation of Origin : Grande Champagne

Bottle size : 700ml

Alcohol percentage : 40%

Eye : Intense amber color.

Nose : White flowers, ripe peach, toasted almonds, oak.

Palate : Candied fruits, vanilla, toasted bread, nuances of honey and chocolate.

The ABK6 VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac is an invitation to savor the quintessence of the most renowned region in Cognac, the Grande Champagne. Crafted with exceptional expertise by Maison Abécassis, this Cognac is a tribute to purity and elegance.

This VSOP, aged for a minimum of four years, is a meticulous blend of eaux-de-vie sourced exclusively from the Grande Champagne, known for its unique limestone soils that give birth to Cognacs of incomparable finesse.

The ABK6 VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac shines with an intense amber color, heralding the rich tasting experience that awaits you. On the nose, it exudes enchanting aromas of white flowers, ripe peach, and toasted almonds, with a subtle hint of oak in the background.

When you taste it, you are greeted by a symphony of flavors. Notes of candied fruits, vanilla, and toasted bread intertwine with more delicate nuances of honey and chocolate, creating a balanced dance between sweetness and complexity. The finish is delightfully long, with a gentle touch of spices that leaves a lasting memory.

Whether enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice to unlock its subtle nuances, the ABK6 VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac is an unforgettable tasting experience. It is more than just a Cognac; it is a testament to the richness and diversity of the Grande Champagne terroir and Maison Abécassis' unwavering commitment to excellence.

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