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Michel Forgeron | Barrique 89 Cognac

Michel Forgeron | Barrique 89 Cognac

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Alter des Cognacs: Hors d'äge

Kontrollierte Ursprungsbezeichnung: Grande champagne

Flaschengröße: 500ml

Alkoholgehalt: 58%

Auge: rouge-orangé avec des reflets dorés et une grande brillance

Nase: boisés dominants de cèdre, un bouquet d'épices comprenant la cannelle et le poivre noir, ainsi que des notes douces de coing et de fruits confits

Geschmack: rondeur boisée. Grâce à son taux d'alcool élevé, il développe une grande puissance aromatique et une très longue persistance en bouche.

The Michel Forgeron Barrique 89 Cognac is a distinctive and powerful vintage from the Grande Champagne region, renowned for its quality cognacs. Distilled in 1989, it has matured for over 30 years in French oak barrels, achieving an impressive alcohol content of 58%. This extended aging process has given the cognac deep orange and red tones, with a beautiful shine, and a flavor profile that is both indulgent and opulent.

The Barrique 89 is notable for its sweet aromas of quince and candied fruit, complemented by a bouquet of spices like cinnamon and black pepper, and dominant woody notes of cedar. On the palate, the cognac offers a supple and rounded woody profile, with its high alcohol content contributing to the intensity of flavors and a long, lasting finish.

This vintage cognac is considered a 'Hors d’Age' due to its advanced age, transcending its single vintage to become a powerful and celebrated cognac within the Michel Forgeron "Barrique" collection. It is perfect for enjoying as a digestif, ideally accompanied by dark chocolate (80% cocoa or more), where the bitter qualities of the chocolate complement the sweet and fruity notes of the cognac.

The bottle is elegantly slim, reflecting both traditional and modern elements, with a visible cork that signifies the artisanal craftsmanship of the Forgeron master blenders. It also comes with a stunning presentation box, making it an ideal gift or a significant addition to any cognac collection.

The Forgeron family, established in Grande Champagne since 1909, is known for their commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. Their vineyard covers 24 hectares, primarily planted with Ugni-Blanc grapes, used for producing top-range eaux-de-vie. The first bottle under the Michel Forgeron brand appeared in 1977, and since then, the brand has been known for its high-quality cognacs and commitment to sustainable practices.

In summary, Michel Forgeron Barrique 89 Cognac is a rich, deeply flavored cognac that represents the best of Grande Champagne terroir and the expertise of the Forgeron family, perfect for cognac enthusiasts and collectors.

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